New Veracity power amplifiers are in the making

New Veracity power amplifiers are getting in shape now. The prototypes have been working constantly since January... getting better and better. The first pair for sale are now being  assembled and the first client is waiting.

Veracity monos are fully symmetrical, no negative feedback, pure DC linear amplifiers, without a single capacitor in signal. Power is the same as for our ATUM amp- 220W per ch into 8ohm, high current delivery;  1.2kW dual choke loaded power supply. How do they sound?, well....I designed them for myself. I am selling all my SE triode amps now, so, yes these are that good. Gregor Szymczyk

PWM technology ATUM amp is now on hold, but it may come back as integrated.

Jacqueline Read
Jacqueline Read


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