Chrysalis generation 12 upgrade now back on track


Chrysalis DAC generation 12 upgrade is back on track now

I had a surgery recently and had to stop working for a few months, but recovering well and back at my lab now

Description of development & engineering for Chrysalis generation 12 upgrade:

1. Rebuilt high voltage power supply, HV transformer is changed from 40W unit to R-Core 50W unit with different AC voltage output
2. Quad15H choke B+ supply is changed to four 20H choke B+ supply
3. B+ voltage increase from 271V to 299V
4. Changes in active bias control for the triode voltage amplifier (6SN7, front valves)
5. Revised operating points for the analogue output driver triode valves (ECC82, middle row), these will be replaced with a matched pair of NOS E80CC (included)
6. Revised valve heaters circuit with additional selector on the back plate (above mains socket assembly), enabling the use of legendary Bendix 5865 rectifiers (rear pair) as a replacement for 6X5GT, the current rectifiers remain compatible (selector will be labelled)
7. Revised differential input of the front valves enabling higher voltage swing
8. Changes in R2R PCM programming (Non Over Sampling mode) in decoding part of Chrysalis (main digital board, right section of the chassis)
9. Revised left and right channel analogue power supplies for the decoding section
10. Analogue signal output capacitors are changed from Jensen CU/ALc to SUPSGO-130 Mundorf MCapSupreme Silver/Gold/Oil
Optional upgrades:
11. Revised R2R (resistor/relay/shunt ladder) volume control replacing current 87steps r2r. The whole range of possible output gets divided into 128 equal steps thus enabling proportional and extremely accurate adjustment (current ladder fitted is 87 steps with logarithmic curve)

11a. Additionally the  motorized variable resistor voltage divider (not in audio path) is replaced with continuously variable pulse programmer (visually no change and remote functions for volume preserved)

Optional classic red LED display can be fitted which displays the volume level from 1 to 128 in numerical fashion. Benefits:

More output current, better drive, headroom and dynamics are up

The natural detail which Chrysalis is known and unmatched by any other comparable gear- gets further, yet with the organic and balanced character of presentation.

Lowest Bass reach is improved.

Sound-stage presentation and perceived `air` in music with any recordings gets further boost
Lower or even low quality recordings are presented in `vinyl` like character, I am talking about true high-end vinyl setup, not the usual scratchy, squeaky gear called vinyl hifi
High quality recordings, including the CD Audio resolution, truly needs to be heard after this upgrade and be amazed of the result 
Anyway, I had it done to mine and a number of clients
The whole re-engineering takes about a week
Several components needs to be matched individually for your machine
Testing and fine tuning time is two days

Get in touch if interested

Gregor Szymczyk 

Jacqueline Read
Jacqueline Read


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