'' Why does it have to be ugly?'' Explaining Veracity's trademark design.


In the beginning was passion: an engineer's passion to design a dac with a magical connection to music; it would be beautiful and have great functionality. So, what would it look like? There were enough bland boxes on the market ( OK not necessarily ugly but...well.. bland)   At the first discussion, Gregor  presented several drawings. He was adamant he did not want the chassis to be a cuboid box. He wanted to create something he could put his heart into. He'd been turning the concept in his mind and drawn it many times over the years. He made a scale model out of wood, so I could understand.  We still have it.  He took it to a company in Northampton UK to translate it into dxf. from his scale model. There was nothing like this design around in audio; we were told it should be protected.  Gregor presented it to the UK Patent Office.  They granted it as unique and registered it in November 2012. There's a valve cover he designed  to go with the dac, so children can be protected from hot valves valves if need be.


So, the design is our trademark. Our clients like it.  It's the sound we were searching for, revealing  the heart and soul of the music you love. It's a design classic. And it really was and is built with love.


Gregor: When I was drawing this chassis I actually wanted a three separate casework`s. One for mains power transformers, one for valve circuit and one for converters. I planned for the circuits to be shielded in-between for lowest induced interactions- thus creating a Faraday cage for each circuit. I also wanted the valves to be visible, to see the glow. Despite aiming for three separate boxes I felt that in real life- three boxes are troublesome with umbilical cord connections and space taken. Experimenting, at some point I drew a chassis where all the walls are tied together with two cross walls being also welded in place- this became self containing monocoque just like the car chassis. This chassis is virtually impossible to bend or resonate unlike any traditional `screw together` type.  It became a main part with three shielded sections inside, where the middle section is holding valves visible. With the aluminium main cover fitted, this casework fulfills the Faraday cage principle for each circuit . The shape was inspired by the Art Deco design style and Star Wars movie. The chassis is also internally aluminium lined combined with composite anti-vibration material.  


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