Veracity Heritage


Ten Audio began in 2012 and transformed into 'Valve Audio Devices'. With the launch of our new product, we decided to think deeply about our mission and our name.  As Gregor creates audio to reveal the truth in music and as veracity is the aim in our business,  we are going forward as Veracity Audio. This is evolution and continuation from both Ten Audio and VAD. Formally business is the same since the beginning and we continue to offer support for all of our older products.

Above and below, our first commercial DAC TAD-1, designed in 2011, built in 2012.


Dac 10 (built in 2013) received a 5* review in the HiFi Choice magazine 


 ..talking with HiFi Choice in 2014, full article here

DAC 12 2015



DSD DAC 2014

Gregor`s design was granted a registered design for Digital to Analogue Converter by UK`s Patent Office in 2012 (number 4027576)

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