Veracity Audio- Aztec monoblock amplifier (Sold out)

New Veracity Aztec monoblock amplifier limited edition of 15

 Veracity Aztec Amplifier:

  • The seductive sound of a single ended with big headroom
  • Powerful details and musicality
  • Music flows without manipulated colouration
  • High Current Design which drives any speaker you can imagine
  • Not a single capacitor in the signal- pure DC coupled from input to output
  • Totally free from negative feedback, parallel complementary output
  • Pure class A single ended driver
  • 100% linear, analogue topology
  • Frequency range from DC to 500kHz
  • 200W per channel into 8 Ohm
  • Input sensitivity attenuator with 23 levels for each channel
  • Set of three machines (two mono-blocks plus big power supply)
  • Integrated Soft Start and Speaker Protection
  • Unique bias monitor with adjust option for each channel
  • No parts to service for quarter of Century at minimum
  • Hand made by just two engineers, myself included
  • Built only to order
  • Directly from designer and maker
  • Ideal complement for Chrysalis DAC
  • Only 15 sets will ever be made
  • Custom choice of finish
  • Unique
  • Total reliability plus 5 year RTB Warranty
  • Satisfaction guarantee, same as for our D/A processors with 14 day trial (30 day for USA)

Visit us to listen in one of our setups or borrow Aztec demonstration set (upon deposit) to try it in your system.

Set of Veracity Aztec amplifier takes a month to complete.

It is purely a limited series machine.

Every set has engraved serial number, date of completion and owner initials (that`s from 4 to 15 as three sets are already reserved)

You can take the Aztec to your Desert Island with you, no worries. Aztec will play music for 45000 hours without any sound degradation (that`s the designed service interval)

Veracity would service the Aztec, but also any competent person in the world can do it too- as with all Veracity designs.


  1. Veracity Aztec amplifier is a three piece set- two monoblocks and a power supply unit
  2. Power supply gives 1.2kW of ultra-pure power, on demand
  3. Six stage power filter is fully choke loaded through specially constructed 600W units
  4. Polypropylene high current capacitors are coupled together with 400.000uF of extreme long life electrolytic units.
  5. Power supply through soft start raises the voltage gently to the nominal level.
  6.  Control system with LED display for each monoblock bias circuit.
  7. Bias is adjustable
  8. Display enables the user to check the bias setting on Left and Right channel.
  9. Display backlit can be switched off
  10. The connecting cable links between power supply and each monoblock are 1.5m long.
  11. Each monoblock power cable can lead 45 amperes of current.
  12. The cables have matched aerospace type connectors.
  13. Connectors are plug`n lock type, so there is no possibility of making any mistake in connecting
  14. Power supply is also fitted with analogue ground lift switch which works with amplifier analogue ground.
  15. Electrically, power supply unit is directly earthed via IEC mains socket and fused.
  16. Each monoblock amplifier weights 15kg
  17. Power supply unit weights 35kg
  18. Power runs through solid Copper rails and 45A OFC cables leading supply power to each power amplifier stage
  19. Each monoblock unit has their own set of power filters with a large block of Paper in Oil high current capacitors.
  20. At its input each Aztec monoblock holds a RCA single ended and XLR inputs which can be pre-selected via switch on the back plate.
  21. Stepped attenuator is fitted to each monoblock,
  22. Amplifier input sensitivity can be set independently (i.e. balance) and to fine match the output of any line source.
  23. Attenuator body is located at the back (1” from inputs) and connected to the front knob via rod.
  24. Input impedance of each Aztec monoblock is 100 kOhm
  25. Each monoblock input sensitivity is 2.775Vrms
  26. Aztec can be driven directly from any Veracity DAC output using Chrysalis (or Mystra) R2R volume control as master volume.
  27. Aztec can be driven by any other line level source
  28. Push button switch on each monoblock front is an analogue mute (when button is pressed the backlit goes off and the monoblock goes into mute)

         More technical:

    • Aztec has no global negative feedback
    • Signal amplifier and parts of output stages operate in class A.
    • Each amplifier require few minutes to thermally stabilise itself (initial warm-up)
    • Stabilising is automatic and independent and in normal room temperatures (around 20 deg) takes about 5 to 10 minutes.
    • Aztec will operate normally during the stabilising, but give it some more time before you commit to serious listening
    • From powering-up the Aztec needs approx. 20 minutes to warm-up sonically. After these 20 minutes- The MAGIC happens and it gets better and better further on.
    • Speaker protection circuit will always disconnect the speaker outputs when there is (for any reason) more than 100mV offset at the amp output so the speakers are always safe.
    • Aztec amps nominal heatsink temperature can reach 50 degree C,
    • Aztec runs relatively `hot`, but It will not exceed 65 degree C threshold.
    • Aztec can play at any level and for any length of time into as low as 2 ohm load
    • Speakers impedance: 2 Ohm, 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm, 16 Ohm and above


    • Each Monoblock  weight: 15kg
    • Mains power supply weight: 35kg
    • Each Monoblock dimensions: 44cm (W) x 33cm (D) x 17cm (H)
    • Power supply dimensions: 44cm (W) x 42cm (D) x 22cm (H)
    • Shipping: three separate wooden crates with internal foam/cardboard packaging
    • Shipping weight: 90kg

     Gregor Szymczyk 

    Aztec amp designer, Veracity Audio

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