Veracity Chrysalis DAC

Introduction to The Chrysalis Dac

This is Veracity's Ultimate Dac

Chrysalis is from the Greek for 'gold'. And this Dac is one to treasure. It was built to fulfil the ultimate natural purpose of music- to lift and transport you to another world. The chrysalis project was about completely satisfying and transforming the listening experience.  

Gregor had no intention over the long winter months to make something to compete with vinyl; he was listening for perfection on his own terms. His standards are transcendent. Perfect pitch.  So what is the final result? A sound that stops you in your tracks, new, fresh, captivating: like the best vinyl system. Our first reviewer was pretty shocked and so were we.  Always ready to think twice, we thought, maybe like new parents, we were biased into loving this sound.  But questioned how we could deny it.  When it fires up, one's mood is transformed.  Then our first listener's dynamic decision: he wanted it now!  He bemoaned his vinyl investment (''it outvinyls the vinyl'') And it was no fluke. This happened again and again.

There's a hidden treasure of detail in your CDs and this dac will reveal that treasure in beautiful analogue sound. Files from your laptop or computer are transformed into true music. Chrysalis dac plays DSD in its purest form. With a playback software like J River, Audirvana, Foobar, Infinity Blade, you have a portal into richness. The detail revealed is captivating.

This is an artisan product from conception to creation; an engineering journey, and you will feel the beauty of the engineering in the smooth functionality of this digital to analogue converter. As an object it is a pleasure to use. You'll understand when you see it, feel it;  but the sound?  We listen to music every day. We are energised by Chrysalis. This is a box filled with golden treasure.  Like a chrysalis, it hides the secret. It is a labour of love taking 50 man hours to build by hand.  It was a winter's tale achieving the sound.

See below for the features and technical specs and also check out the FAQs to discover  the detail of this beauty.


Digital to Analogue processor with separate conversion for PCM and DSD. DSD64(SACD) and DSD128 double rate support. Quad mono PCM conversion architecture with non-oversampling mode. 24bit/192kHz sample rate support. Three digital inputs, 2x RCA, 1x USB. Analogue volume control with resistor/relay stepped attenuator. Remote control for inputs and volume (handset included). Dual mono Triode Valve analogue output stage. Preamplifier function (stereo RCA line-in). Stereo RCA and XLR analogue outputs. Headphones output. 


  • Dual DAC architecture: Quad mono dedicated PCM conversion, without sample rate change (16, 24bit multi-bit hybrid) and Stand-alone DSD playback, without digital processing (1bit PDM direct-to-analogue filter)
  • Music file format recognition with automatic adaptive switching: directing PCM format to PCM DAC and DSD format to stand-alone DSD DAC
  • Non-oversampling mode for CD Audio/16bit/44.1kHz, user selectable
  • Jitter rejection system for SPDIF sources - quad differential receiver with comparator
  • Internally, ultra low noise powered,multi-format USB receiver with asynchronous operation
  • I2S internal transmission for PCM, ultra precision master clock
  • Lch, Rch, native DSD bitstream internal transmission for DSD
  • Analogue, jitter free switching for all signals using Omron and Takamisawa analogue relays
  • Support for Mac OSX 10.6+and Linux,with UAC2 compliant kernel without drivers. Support for MS OS Win XP to Win 8, 32-64bit - KS/Wasapi/WDM/ASIO. Windows drivers downloadable from our support page
  • Dual mono, dual valve rectified, pure class A, Single Ended Triode valve analogue stages without feedback
  • Pure, passive, direct connection between D/A converters and valves (without transistors, op-amps, capacitors or transformers)
  • Jensen Copper foil/paper in oil audio output capacitors
  • Analogue volume with non-inductive resistors controlled by relays. Only two resistors in signal path. R2R shunt operation. 87 levels of this stepped attenuator.
  • Headphone output for 32Ω - 300headphones with minimalist high current design, connected directly from valve output through a class A solid-state driver, capable of up to 250mA output
  • Line preamplifier function. An external analogue source can be linked directly to the DAC valve stage, the latter becomes an active preamplifier with R2R volume control. Analogue input is a pair of RCAs. Output is via main analogue outputs, RCA and XLR.
  • Soft start (turn ON delay), gives time for the valves to warm-up. During this warm-up time, signal outputs are muted. Audio comes-on automatically after 70 seconds
  • Remote and manual control for volume and all inputs
  • Remote handset included. Handmade in wood (matching front panel)
  • Custom, hand finished wooden front panel
  • Turned brass or bronze controls
  • Hand-finished Copper plate in valve part
  • Low impedance, high current audio output, coherent with any amplifier
  • Handpicked for sonic performance, ultra quality audio components (AudioNote tantalum, Allen Bradley and Holco - audio resistors, ultra low impedance film and organic polymer capacitors- for more information about Chrysalis components please see our Why+FAQ page)
  • Separate power supplies for digital, analogue, left and right channel
  • System of multiple choke filters with separate power rails and dedicated decoupling for every power load
  • 20 linear, ultra-low noise and capable of high current delivery power supplies
  • Discrete Schottky rectifiers for powering the solid state circuits
  • Vacuum tube analogue stage is powered directly from full wave, dual valve rectifiers
  • The DACs casework consists of three Faraday cages joined together into a monocoque structure, Veracity®
  • Full vibration damping with aluminium / butyl rubber and visco elastic polymer
  • 4 mains transformers for clear power separation
  • Built-in, selected CLC Schurter mains filter
  • Solid Silver and silver plated OFC Copper, Teflon insulated wiring
  • Full set of valves included (for valve complement please see our Wh+FAQ page)
  • All countries/mains voltages compatible (via factory settings)
  • The DAC is conceived, created and constructed in the United Kingdom
  • Chrysalis DAC is built using thoroughly modern engineering and modern analogue and digital components
  • Handmade, limited series- build to order equipment
  • 5 Year RTB Warranty


Data Support
Format: PCM or DSD
Sample rate (PCM):  44.1kHz, 48.0kHz, 88.2kHz, 96.0kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz
Word length (PCM) 16bit, 24bit
DSD rate:  SACD standard (2.8MHz) DSD64 and DSD128 double rate (5.6MHz-6.144MHz)
DSD transfer support: raw (native) DSD or DSD over PCM (DoP) into USB input with ASIO/WASAPI driver
D/Analogue conversion method:
PCM- multibit hybrid
DSD- 1bit ΔΣ, analogue filter 
PCM processing S/N ratio >124 dB
DSD reconstruction filter S/N ratio >113 dB

Digital audio inputs 
Coaxial SPDIF x 2
USB x 1

USB digital input details
Connector: USB type B 
Format: PCM and raw (native) DSD with ASIO driver or DoP v1.1 (DSD over PCM)
Transfer mode: Asynchronous
O/S device name: combo384/ASIO , Amanero Technologies/WASAPI, KS

Input sample rates and format
SPDIF: (PCM) 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz/16bit, 24bit
USB: (PCM44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz/16bit, 24bit. (DSD) DSD64(2.82MHz), DSD128(x 44.1- 5.64MHz), DSD128 (x 48- 6.14MHZ)

Analogue audio input
RCA (pair) x 1, line level signal input,
Sensitivity: 100mV - 2.81Vrms
Input frequency range: 5Hz - 100kHz +0/ -2dB

Analogue audio outputs
RCA unbalanced x 1 pair, XLR (Jensen passive) balanced x 1 pair
Output level minimum: step 1- 0.0001V (-77.78dBu)
Output level maximum: step 87- 3.777V (+13.76dBu)
Output impedance: 209 (RCA), 600 (XLR)

Headphones output 
1 x stereo, 3.5mm mini Jack socket (location:back plate)
Support for 32 to 300 headphones
Power: 175mW (depends on headphone impedance)
Maximum output current: 250mA
Headphone driver takes signal directly from valve outputs. Output level is controlled via main volume 

Frequency response
PCM sampled at 192kHz: 5Hz - 50kHz +0/-3dB
PCM sampled at 44.1kHz: 5Hz - 20kHz +0/-0.2dB
DSD64 - 5Hz - 50kHz +0/-3dB
DSD128 - 5Hz - 50kHz +0/-3dB
THD at 1KHz (2.77V, +11.06dBu): <0.07%
Phase: source phase, no inversion 
Channel separation PCM: 122dB
Channel separation DSD: 95dB


Output stage
2 x 6SN7 dual triode voltage driver 
2 x ECC82 dual triode, high current output driver
A pair of Jensen Copper paper-in-oil signal decoupling capacitors
Operation mode: pure classA single ended triode without feedback

Front panel power On/Off switch 
Rear panel device pwr cut-off switch
Front panel rotary input selector with LED indicators for: inputs, SPDIF signal ON and DSD ON,
Front panel rotary volume control

Power requirements
Mains voltage: 100-120VAC or 220-240VAC (mains voltage compatibility is factory set according to order)
Power consumption: 50W

Unit weight: 14.5kg
Unit dimensions: 44cm (W) x 31cm (D) x 15cm (H), 17.32" x 12.20" x 5.90"
Shipping weight: 20.5kg
Shipping dimensions: 65cm (W) x 55cm (D) x 40cm (H), 25.59" x 21.65" x 15.74"

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