Auditions of the prototype Veracity Dac in home systems proved useful. But there was a unexpected reaction which repeated.  Here is what happened the first time:

He left happily clutching the Dac in it's flight-case looking forward to a bake off  weekend with friends.  He returned on Monday evening:

Nigel: ''I cannot bear this for another weekend.  Take it back''.

  ''Why? What's wrong?'' 

'Nigel 'It's making me feel ....grrr..I spent £10000 on a new vinyl turntable and phonostage... IT OUT VINYLS THE VINYL''

It was no fluke: This repeated several times over the following weeks.  

There was no intention to compete with vinyl.  But the end result: 'It out vinyls the vinyl'.  So be it: Once the bullet was bitten, some vinyl turntables and phonostages were for sale. Smiles returned. Dac reserved.

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