Launching is imminent.

Gregor's year of working to perfect the dac is done.  

Perfect means complete, finished, nothing more to be done. For us, the Veracity dac is perfect. It's the final dac. It's answered every question.  After three years, so much work.  Perfect.

 If you want to transcend the ordinary, to lay back and drift with pure unveiled sound as your guide:  You need to hear this dac.

Gregor is restless for the next sonic project (I dare not tell you what that is)   I do not have a promise how many dacs he will commit to making, but I can tell you he is eager to share this one.  He is making it now. Sharing now.  If you truly love music, you should hear this. This dac will be rare. How many he will make I cannot tell. Each is special.  Each will be remembered.

So if you are a music lover, book an audition for it in your own home with your own music system.  Be first. Be sure not to miss a chance to find out.  You need to know: Can this dac bring music to your heart?

Jacqueline Read-Szymczyk


HiFi Wigwam Show 2016

We hired a large room at the HiFi Wigwam Show on March 20th at the Scalford Hall Hotel.  We took the Veracity dac.  Gregor set up a 'neutral', balanced system - so rather than attributing the beautiful sound to the speakers etc,  people would know they were hearing the dac perform. Result:  a positive 'yes'  from music lovers who auditioned it. A beautiful finale:  people relaxed and stayed to hear the whole of the Dark Side of the Moon album, the dac truly warm, giving and glowing.


Jacqueline Read
Jacqueline Read


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